Chiquandra C. Cross

Weight Loss Tip: Lemon wedge and a stick of gum



hen I eat certain foods sometimes I will eat and eat and eat until the carton or package is empty.  It seems like the craving for whatever I was eating rages in my mouth until I consume it all.  I don’t know why it happens, but it happens a lot when I eat ice cream or other sugary foods.  I don’t know if I’m addicted to sugar or just being greedy (probably a bit of both) but I do know that even when I try not to go back for a second or third helping of some of my favorite snacks, i.e. ice cream I am not always successful.

lemon wedge




One day while trying not to go back for a second helping of sorbet I wondered about the cause of this behavior, I explored sugar addiction and quickly changed my mind about going in this direction.



Then I thought about what I was feeling in my mouth when the cravings persisted.

It felt like my taste buds were still “firing” or “begging” for more. I wondered if my taste buds would stop begging for more if I cleaned my mouth. I grabbed a lemon slice and squeezed it in my mouth. The tartness caused my mouth to water. I swallowed and squeezed the lemon wedge again and repeated the process a couple more times.