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Weight Loss Tip: Lemon wedge and a stick of gum



hen I eat certain foods sometimes I will eat and eat and eat until the carton or package is empty.  It seems like the craving for whatever I was eating rages in my mouth until I consume it all.  I don’t know why it happens, but it happens a lot when I eat ice cream or other sugary foods.  I don’t know if I’m addicted to sugar or just being greedy (probably a bit of both) but I do know that even when I try not to go back for a second or third helping of some of my favorite snacks, i.e. ice cream I am not always successful.

lemon wedge




One day while trying not to go back for a second helping of sorbet I wondered about the cause of this behavior, I explored sugar addiction and quickly changed my mind about going in this direction.



Then I thought about what I was feeling in my mouth when the cravings persisted.

It felt like my taste buds were still “firing” or “begging” for more. I wondered if my taste buds would stop begging for more if I cleaned my mouth. I grabbed a lemon slice and squeezed it in my mouth. The tartness caused my mouth to water. I swallowed and squeezed the lemon wedge again and repeated the process a couple more times.

There was a pretty noticeable difference in the way my mouth felt.  My taste buds were still “begging” but the craving was nowhere near the intensity that they were before and I was able to not go back for more.  (Insert happy dance. )

I know it may not be a groundbreaking discovery but for me it is another tool to add to my arsenal.   I’ve also discovered that Altoids, any type of mint gum, cinnamon and or lemon candies can do the trick as well; as long as the flavor is more prominent than the sweetness.

I am thinking about exploring the sugar addiction phenomenon a bit more, but I’m not fully convinced that I am ready to live a sugar free life, just yet, especially if I am supposed to replace sugar with artificial sweetners.  I’d rather have no sugar that fake ones any day.

What are your thoughts?  Have you exiled sugar from your life?  If so, why?  If not, would you consider it?

I’m looking forward to your comments!


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